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Alter Eco Americas Organic Chocolate Bar - Dark Twist - 2.82 oz Bars - Case of 12

Crystallized orange peel. Vibrant and tangy, the perfect marriage of intense fruit and full-bodied chocolate. Try your dark chocolate with a twist. Candied citrus is a prized delicacy that spans cultures and centuries. Master confectioners follow a traditional Italian recipe for our crystallized orange peel, crafting the perfect tangy-sweet complement to our deep, malty Ecuadorian cacao. A touch of Madagascar vanilla means there’s a balanced brightness to every bite. The smooth intensity of Dark Twist reflects the rainforest from which it hails. Fortaleza sits at the edge of the Ecuadorian coast, where the world’s richest soil and the shade of the forest canopy create an ideal environment for native cacao. Vegan, No Soy, No GMO, No Emulsifiers, No Artificial Flavors.
The outside of this wrapper is FSC certified.

Categories: Organic Food

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