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Alter Eco Americas Organic Chocolate Bar - Dark Cacao - 2.82 oz Bars - Case of 12

Crunchy cocoa nibs. Bittersweet bite, with fruity, flowery nibs for an intense cacao explosion. Our signature Ecuadorian dark chocolate is dotted with pure Peruvian cacao nibs for a bar that’s as deep and sophisticated as your favorite Zinfandel. Each tender-brittle crunch delivers an extra punch of flavor and antioxidants, while a drop of Madagascar vanilla finishes the palate on a subtly sweet note. Just the kind of treat to enjoy one delicious nibble at a time. The deep, fruity intensity of Dark Cacao reflects the rainforest from which it hails. Fortaleza sits at the edge of the Ecuadorian coast, where the world’s richest soil and the shade of the forest canopy create an ideal environment for native cacao. Vegan, No Soy, No GMO, No Emulsifiers, No Artificial Flavors, Gluten Free.
The outside of this wrapper is FSC certified.

Categories: Organic Food

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