Gluten free

August 02, 2015

Eating Gluten-Free

Everywhere you look, people are cutting foods from their diet in order to live a better lifestyle.
They cut out carbs, they cut out meat, but one that has become fairly popular on the internet is
the exclusion of gluten. Gluten is a protein in wheat products. This means that a gluten-free diet
is one that cuts out any wheat product. Why would people choose to do this? I’ll tell you.
Let me start by saying that I am not a doctor. There are some people who are gluten
intolerant. Think of lactose intolerance and it’s much like that except for with gluten an
intolerance can cause an upset stomach and diarrhea. This is the main reason why people have cut gluten out of their diet and believe it or not, this is a common problem.

Researchshows that around 18 million Americans have gluten intolerance (celiaccentral.) There’s also adisease called celiac disease which is more severe than an intolerance and this causes people to cut gluten out of their diet.   

Gluten also harms your body by causing your intestines to become irritated or inflamed
(paleoleap.) This causes cells in your intestines to die and those cells begin to oxidize
(paleoleap.) According to paleoleap, “Antibodies against gluten have also been shown to attack
heart tissues and cause heart disease.” If this isn’t enough to convince you to change your diet,
then I don’t know what will do it for you.

This new gluten-free diet that people are switching to isn’t just a trend, although many
celebrities have decided to make the switch as well. It’s a diet that would be smart for many
people to convert to in order to live a healthier lifestyle. A lot of the population suffers from
gluten sensitivity and may not even realize it. Eating gluten can be harmful to your intestines
and can be harmful to your overall health. Make wise decisions about what you put in your body
because you only have one of them.

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