The truth about trans fat, hydrogenated fats

July 10, 2015

Often people buy conventional foods while not thinking about the consequences. Trans-fat which is the worst type of fat to consume is often found in processed foods. The problem with trans-fat is that, it raises your bad cholesterol and lowers your good cholesterol, which is not good for your health.

So what is trans-fat anyway?

Most trans-fat is created through a process that adds hydrogen to vegetable oil, as a result the oil becomes solid at room temperature. This is where the term "hydrogenated or partially hydrogenated" found on food labels comes from. The Manufactured form of trans-fat (hydrogenated oil) is than added to many foods in order to prolong shelf life.

Now imagine having something like that in your body, a product that is made to prolong shelf life, keep in mind that those products could be on a shelf for over a year without going bad. However we are told by the food industry that those products which contain hydrogenated oils (that form of manufactured trans-fat) are ok for us to consume, but how are our bodies supposed to digest something like that?

The best way is to avoid it at all cost. Here are some good articles that talk about this type of manufactured trans-fat in more depth. Click here. Another article, click here.




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